We handle all types of cargo, both full truckloads (FTL) and less than truckloads (LTL), adapting at all times to the needs of the client.
At Isatir we have more than 100 vehicles at your disposal that cover daily routes both nationally and internationally. For more than 20 years our main concern has been to offer the best service, getting cargo to its destination on time and in the best possible way for the maximum satisfaction of our customers.
Our vehicles are equipped with the most advanced on-road navigation systems, allowing us to know the location of your cargo at all times. All our vehicles are Tauliner Mega type, which gives us great flexibility in adapting to the needs of each client.

The transport of goods at the national level is one of our main activities, offering a service of full load and product groupage to the whole Peninsular Territory (including Portugal), where we have a branch in Coimbra.

Our international transport service knows no frontiers, offering daily full load or groupage services to the main European countries. Our branch office in Coimbra (Portugal) provides us with a larger number of vehicles, and a subsidiary in Trieben (Austria) allows us to offer a service closer to our European customers.


At Isatir, through our fleet of platform trucks, we can offer special transport services for any type of goods, from trunk transport, machinery, industrial parts for Aeronautics and Automotive, containers, etc., etc., offering all the flexibility and versatility that this type of truck can provide.
In addition, if necessary, we can also carry out Special Transports for all those goods which, due to their volume or dimensions, exceed the usual dimensions of an articulated lorry and which require special vehicles and authorisations for their transport.
Recently, to complete our services, Isatir has acquired 3 new coil trailers in order to increase safety in this type of transport. These are special trailers that have wedges for securing the coils, so that the load remains firmly on the vehicle and never shifts, thus avoiding accidents and damage to the load.


Multimodal transport is characterised by the use of more than one type of vehicle to transport cargo from its origin to its destination. While intermodal transport moves single unit loads (containers with a single transport contract), multimodal transport moves several types of cargo (including containers, pallets or similar items used for cargo consolidation).
At Isatir we use our fleet of flatbed trucks and Tauliners for ground transportation from the point of origin to the port, airport or train terminal. We load the container onto the means of transport to be used in each case and track the cargo to its destination.
All processes in our Multimodal and Intermodal operations are managed by our highly qualified and specialised staff. In this way, we are committed to the satisfaction of all our customers, whatever their business or the type of load to be carried out, guaranteeing an optimum and personalised service.
Thanks to our experience, Isatir is the ideal partner for any company that needs to transport large quantities of goods to long distance destinations and for those who are looking for a safe, flexible and competitively priced solution.


Due to the growing demand from small and medium-sized companies for palletised goods transport services, at Isatir we have opted for this type of service in order to provide global coverage to all our customers.

Premium Service
Through our Premium service, Isatir can deliver your goods within 24 hours anywhere on the Peninsula and within 48/72 hours anywhere in Europe.

Economy Service
On the other hand, if your shipment is not urgent and you are looking for cost savings, through our Economy service, your palletised goods can be delivered anywhere on the Iberian Peninsula in just 24/48 hours and in a maximum of 96 hours to anywhere in Europe.

“Contact us and we will provide you with the most suitable offer based on the specific needs of your business.”