Isatir is a company specialising in logistics services tailored to the needs of each client.
An experienced team of professionals is in charge of the logistics management of our warehouses, always seeking maximum efficiency in each of the operations and thus the satisfaction of our customers.
Our Logistics Centres are specialised in any warehouse task, both in the organisation and preparation, as well as in the distribution of your shipments, all managed with the most modern software to guarantee the perfect control of your stock. All our operators are trained in logistics tasks in order to guarantee a continuous supply of the required material and thus ensure uninterrupted service.

Our logistics services range from warehousing and distribution of goods to Stock Management, Cross Docking, Order Processing, Picking, Packing and Reverse Logistics.


At Isatir, through our fleet of flatbed trucks, we offer container transport services to port.
We use our facilities located in Valencia (Silla) as a depot for the transit of goods, in such a way that we can unload your goods from the container to the lorry and continue the route by road to the customer’s destination or vice versa, from the lorry to the container, and deliver it to the port so that it can continue its transit by sea to the customer’s destination.
We have 5,000 m² for covered storage work and another 5,000 m² for outdoor storage, container storage, or any other need our customers may have. In addition to port services, our Valencia Depot also carries out the following activities:

  • Warehousing
  • Picking and Order Preparation
  • Classification and Distribution
  • Palletising Service
  • Computerised stock control and management


In order to offer a complete service, at Isatir we have a large team to carry out all types of manual handling solutions for the wine and food sector:

  • Sleeve on bottles and containers.
  • Blisters.
  • Personalised packaging.
  • Die-cuts in various materials.
  • Shrink-wrapped and packaged.
  • Promotional packs, etc.

These services are not exclusively for the wine sector, rather at Isatir we are open to any type of industry that requires manual handling work.


“Management and logistics for wineries.
Your 360º solution partner.”


From our long experience of more than 20 years in logistics and transport management in companies of the most diverse sectors, at Isatir we have launched our “Wineries Project,” a 360º management project for winery groups where we can cover all the services that a winery may need.
As Isatir is a Riojan company, we know the world of wine, its processes and needs, so we offer a comprehensive project where these needs are covered from start to finish, from transport between wineries, national and international transport, to all storage and distribution tasks, with the provision to our customers of a warehouse of 16,000 m² in Agoncillo, converted into a Fiscal Warehouse (CAE), with suspension of excise duties for alcoholic beverages.
In order to meet the needs of wineries and to provide cost savings to our customers, Isatir offers manual handling services. Click on the Logistics menu, and in our “Handling Services” section you will see all the services we can offer to your business.

Con el fin de cerrar el círculo de necesidades de las Bodegas y de proporcionar un ahorro de costes a nuestros clientes, en Isatir te ofrecemos Servicios de manipulación manual. Pulse en el menú Logística y dentro de nuestra sección “Servicio de Manipulados” vera todo los Servicios que podemos ofrecer a su negocio.